The Barfoot and Thompson Auckland Optimist and Starling Champs 2018 Entry List

                                          #SailorYacht ClassSail NumberYacht ClubGenderSailorYacht ClassSail NumberYacht ClubGenderSailorYacht ClassSail NumberYacht ClubGenderSailorYacht ClassSail NumberYacht ClubGender
                                          1. Rowan KensingtonOptimist Open4611KYCMaleSean KensingtonOptimist Open4556KYCMale
                                          2. Logan RossOptimist Green4030Royal Akarana Yacht ClubMale
                                          3. Louie PolettiOptimist Open4653Queen Charlotte Yacht ClubMale
                                          4. George Lee RushOptimist OpenNZL4659Wakatere Boating ClubMale
                                          5. Elizabeth Kenyon Optimist OpenCOK 1 Rarotonga Sailing Cub FemaleMax MacdonaldOptimist GreenCOK 2 Rarotonga Sailing ClubMale
                                          6. Jack ParrOptimist Open4485New Plymouth Yacht ClubMale
                                          7. Niamh ShannonOptimist Green4639Charteris Bay Yacht Club FemaleIsabel ShannonOptimist Open4144Charteris Bay Yacht Club Female
                                          8. Ben BrighouseOptimist Open4481MBSCMale
                                          9. Hermione ArisOptimist Open4688MBSC Female
                                          10. Andrew Stretton Starling2126Lake Taupo/typbcMale
                                          11. Ned Bacon Optimist Open4603WBBCMale
                                          12. Cameron BrownOptimist OpenNZL 4686Wakatere Male
                                          13. Liam RichardsOptimist Open4580Wakatere BCMale
                                          14. Katie HadfieldOptimist OpenNZL 4607CBYC Female
                                          15. Lucy LeithOptimist Open4658Murrays Bay Sailing Club FemaleJoe LeithOptimist Open4608Murrays Bay Sailing ClubMale
                                          16. Ashton WilliamsonOptimist Open4666WakatereMale
                                          17. Jack BeavisOptimist GreenNZL4151Waiuku Yacht ClubMale
                                          18. Zachary FongOptimist Open4619WBCMaleEthan FongOptimist Open4652WBCMale
                                          19. Poppy HoskinOptimist Open4660KYC and RAYC Female
                                          20. William SimsOptimist Open4661Wakatere Boating ClubMaleEdward SimsOptimist Open4503Wakatere Boating ClubMale
                                          21. George Clarke Starling2147MBSCMaleSam ClarkeOptimist Open4632MBSCMaleBlake McKinnonOptimist Green4530KYCMale
                                          22. Jame MillerOptimist Open4501Kohi Yacht ClubMaleDaisy MillerOptimist Green4291Kohi Yacht Club Female
                                          23. Tim HowseOptimist Open4624GlendowieMale
                                          24. Tim Marshall Starling2025Glendowie Boating clubMale
                                          25. Caitlin Hodge Starling1227Murrays Bay Sailing Club FemaleCharlotte HodgeOptimist GreenNZL 4618Murrays bay Sailing Club Female
                                          26. Jasper CamenzindOptimist OpenNZL 4574MBSCMale
                                          27. Teakuao Framhein (Tex) Starling1300Rarotonga Sailing ClubMale
                                          28. Emily Heckler Optimist Green4439Kohimarama FemaleAlexis Heckler Optimist Green4546Kohimarama Female
                                          29. Caleb NewtonOptimist Green4585WakatereMaleEthan NewtonOptimist Green4002WaketereMale
                                          30. George Cole-BakerOptimist Open4668Glendowie Boating ClubMale
                                          31. Robbie Wooldridge Optimist Open4620Wakatere BC MaleDaniella Wooldridge Optimist Open4604Wakatere BC Female
                                          32. Timothy CashmoreOptimist Open4621WakatereMale
                                          33. Nicholas Drummond Optimist Open4107Bucklands Beach Yacht Club Male
                                          34. Rebecca Hume Starling2136KYC FemaleMegan HumeOptimist Open4631KYC Female Nicola HumeOptimist Open4654KYCFemale
                                          35. Scott XuOptimist GreenNZL4372MBSC Female
                                          36. Jiahong (Kai) YUOptimist Green4455Murrays Bay Sailing ClubMale
                                          37. KeDing BaoOptimist Green4244Murrays Bay Sailing ClubMale
                                          38. Mathew LoweOptimist OpenNZL4478Maraetai Sailing ClubMaleJonathan LoweOptimist GreenNZL4320Maraetai Sailing ClubMale
                                          39. Noah MalpotOptimist OpenNZL4529Nelson Yacht ClubMale
                                          40. Tim McCullochOptimist GreenNZL3969Howick Sailing ClubMale
                                          41. Andre McGregorOptimist Open4233Napier Sailing ClubMale
                                          42. Luke BonesOptimist Green4359Point ChevalierMale
                                          43. James WestOptimist Open4684Wakatere BCMaleIsabelle WestOptimist Green4221Wakatere BC Female
                                          44. Henry Elworthy Starling1183MBSCMaleSam ElworthyOptimist Open4434MBSCMale
                                          45. Oliver MoorsOptimist Green4054KYCMale
                                          46. Mirai AraoOptimist Green3522Point ChevalierMaleHinata AraoOptimist Green3644Point ChevalierMale
                                          47. Sean SunOptimist Open4528KYCMale
                                          48. Grace StillOptimist Open4533Glendowie Boating Club Female
                                          49. Amelia AngusOptimist Open4544Kohimarama Female
                                          50. Noah ShirleyOptimist OpenNZL 4570Kohimarama Yacht ClubMale
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