PredictWind Girls Regatta 2018 Entry List

                                          #SailorYacht ClassSail NumberYacht ClubGenderSailorYacht ClassSail NumberYacht ClubGenderSailorYacht ClassSail NumberYacht ClubGenderSailorYacht ClassSail NumberYacht ClubGender
                                          1. Lucy BilgerStarling2150kyc Female
                                          2. Emily Heckler Optimist Green4439Kohimarama FemaleAlexis Heckler Optimist Green4546Kohimarama Female
                                          3. Daisy Miller Optimist Green4291Kohi yacht club Female
                                          4. Hermione ArisOptimist Green4688MBSC Female
                                          5. Catherine GravitOptimist OpenNZL 4597Pt Chevalier Sailing Club Female
                                          6. Lilly-Marie HouryStarling1234Bay of Islands Yacht Club Female
                                          7. Amelie BackStarling2141MBSC Female
                                          8. Georgia Livingston Starling1029MBSC Female
                                          9. Bella JenkinsOptimist Green4635Kyc Female
                                          10. Madeline MoffatStarling1223Pt Chevalier Sailing Club FemaleEJ MoffatOptimist Green4412Pt Chevalier Sailing Club Female
                                          11. Emily DavidsonStarling1328KYC Female
                                          12. Zoe MainsOptimist Green3807Glendowie Female
                                          13. Megan HumeOptimist Open4613Kohimarama FemaleNicola HumeOptimist Open4654Kohimarama Female
                                          14. Emma gentryOptimist Open4590Point chevalier sailing club Female
                                          15. Eliza wentOptimist Green4230Kohi Female
                                          16. Samaria CurrimbhoyStarling1295Murrays Bay Yacht Club Female
                                          17. Zoe JuddOptimist Open3962Kohi Female
                                          18. Arabella TuckOptimist Open4665Point Chev Sailing Clun Female
                                          19. Emma BensonStarling2168Point Chevalier Sailing Club Female
                                          20. Lydia BoydStarling2162KYC FemaleMadeline BoydOptimist Green4063KYC Female
                                          21. Leah SintonStarling1310WBC FemaleKiera SintonStarling2156WBC Female
                                          22. Gina Gruger StorzOptimist Open3715Pt Chevalier Sailing Club Female
                                          23. Andrea HawkeOptimist Green4339Howick Sailing Club Female
                                          24. Mia NelsonOptimist Green4168Howick Sailing Club Female
                                          25. Sophia MorganStarling2128KYC Female
                                          26. Sasha Barrett-GarnierStarling1307KYC Female
                                          27. Sophie CookeStarling1054KYC Female
                                          28. Zoe HodderOptimist Open4537KYC Female
                                          29. poppy hoskinOptimist Open4660KYC and RAYC Female
                                          30. Jessica NinnesStarling2120French Bay Yacht Club Female
                                          31. Māia WijohnOptimist Green3652Pt Chevalier Sailing Club Female
                                          32. Elise CatleyStarling2173FBYC FemaleMeg CatleyStarling2180FBYC Female
                                          33. Annabel DuffOptimist Green4397KYC Female
                                          34. Zoe StoneOptimist Green4008Kohi Female
                                          35. Sydney Cunliffe helm420TBATYC FemaleRebecca Hume crew420TBAKYC Female
                                          36. Anne-Marie GrovesStarling2035PCSC Female
                                          37. Holly McNeillStarling1149Bay of Islands Yacht Club Female
                                          38. Chloe Boyce42052577kyc FemalePhoebe meachan 42052577kyc Female
                                          39. Charlie Hodge Optimist Green4618MBSC Female
                                          40. Ellie SchwartfegerOptimist Green4505KYC Female
                                          41. Caitlin HodgeStarling1227Murrays Bay Sailing Club Female
                                          42. Sophie EatonOptimist Open4499GBC Female
                                          43. Danielle EcclesOptimist Open4449Howick Female
                                          44. Amalie Thompson-PainOptimist Green4174KYC Female
                                          45. Brittany ClarkStarling566GBC Female
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